Sunday, April 1, 2012

  So I found out roughly 8 months ago from my new Dentist that I have Periodontal Disease. I heard of Perio before but I never knew it was something that people had going on in they're mouths and were not aware of it! How did this happen to me? I brushed and flossed faithfully forever! Well, unless I fell asleep after drinking too many in my younger years or unless I was so tired from having two kids under the age of four that I just fell out on the couch or something but if that was the case, I brushed immediately when I got up.

 I only ever had two cavitys in my life and that was in my mid 20's. Those two cavities were in baby teeth that I never lost. For some freak reason I had four baby teeth that never were replaced with adult teeth, The two that were filled eventually lost theyre fillings and they both needed to be removed. My third baby tooth got loose and came out on its own. I still have the fourth, it is white and beautiful. My healthy baby tooth is a wonder to dentists that I still have it. They love the novelty.

  Getting back on track, I am at risk of losing all my teeth in my prime. What a horror! They are still pretty. They are all in good alignment and they are white. I never knew they took pretty teeth and just plucked them out and throw them away. I never knew that bone just melted away under your gums and that your teeth could just fall out over time. I'm 33 with Perio! Im in an advanced stage here, Im in trouble! When I found out that I had this issue going on under my gums, destroying my bone, I did so much research! I looked up everything I could think of .One thing I could not find was someone like me. There is no one talking about the emotional drainage this condition brings. When I did find people online that had Periodontal disease they were already denture wearers that were glad to see they're teeth gone because most of them felt that they're dentures were an improvment to they're appearance. Not me! I love my teeth! I dont want dentures and from what I understand from my research is that when the time comes, and it will, that I wont even be a candidate for dental implants without bone grafts and all kinds of procedures because Periodontal sufferers lose so much bone mass that there is no bone to anchor the implants into. Whats even worse, since I am at a progressive stage, after say 10 years or so after I loose my teeth, I wont have enough bone to hold my dentures in place. This is a nightmare.

  Some things that I am experiencing, and I would say that these symptoms are probably common among the disease so if your not yet experiencing this but are inflicted with the disease, this is what you may have to look forward to....I have a strange discomfort deep in my gums. Its a constant awareness of them. I know that's strange but its true. I also see my teeth look longer then they did a year ago. I  feel like my bottom front 4 teeth are so slightly loose that its almost unnoticeable. I don't know if it is my imagination or what. I do  know that I am constantly afraid that my teeth will just fall out or break off when Im eating. I hate to bite into something even as soft as a sandwich, just in case I may be right. I am depressed about the situation. and now I'm obsessed with brushing for myself and for my family. I even got my 4 year old a Sonicare, and I didn't have my first Sonicare until last month!

I just want my teeth and I want them to be healthy. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I don't have other problems too. Kinda makes my wanna switch my family doctor to see what a new doctor may find wrong.